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Rose-Hulman Institute
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Research Facilities Design

We have laboratory planning down to a science

RFD is a firm of laboratory design consultants focused exclusively on the programming and design of laboratory buildings for industry, healthcare, research, and education.

Our proven process helps owners and architectural teams develop the most appropriate, innovative, and well-integrated solutions to meet their project-specific needs in a cost-effective manner.

Located in San Diego, California, and Raleigh, North Carolina, RFD’s staff of architects, engineers, and laboratory planners work cohesively to provide seamless project management and delivery.


"I woke up this morning thinking what an incredible job you all did yesterday on the … presentation. In less than three MONTHS(!) you brought three YEARS(!) of gobbledygook into a cohesive set of principles enabling a $210 million effort that brings Science [at Carnegie Mellon University] into a knowable future … Wow, yesterday was incredibly impressive. Thank you all, each and every one." Ralph Horgan, Associate Vice President, Campus Design and Facility Development | Carnegie Mellon University

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