Gourley Clinical Teaching Center

University of California, Davis



Four Facilities for the Department of Veterinary Medicine divided into four groups: Laboratory, Animal Holding, Equine Athletic Performance and Lecture Hall. Laboratory Facility incorporates Large Animal, Food Animal and Small Animal Surgery Teaching with support space including Surgery Preparation and Recovery, Harvesting, Radiology, Sterile Work and Supply. Animal Holding Facility incorporates Large and Small Animal Quarters with associated Treatment and Food/Bedding spaces. Equine Athletic Performance Facility incorporates Large and Small Animal Treadmills with associated Preparation, Instrumentation, Biochemistry and Analytical Laboratories.


Davis, CA, USA

  • Services: Laboratory Design
  • Completed: 2004

Area Summary

  • Gross Building :74,800
  • Net (Assignable) Building: 51,635
  • Lab & Lab Support: 37,900

Cost Summary

  • Construction Cost: $12,324,000

Important Details

  • Best Practice Awards, Best Overall Sustainable Design from The Energy Efficiency Partnership Program


  • Anshen and Allen


  • Robert Canfield Photography