Institute for Nano-engineered Systems (NanoES)

University of Washington, Seattle



The NanoES project consists of a new 150,505 gross SF, 6-story building adjacent and connected to the existing Molecular Engineering and Sciences Building (MolES) on the University of Washington Seattle campus. The NanoES is physically connected to the length of the north side of the existing occupied MolES. The Institute for Nano-engineered Systems (NanoES) is an initiative of the College of Engineering. Its mission is to bring together faculty teams from across the college and the university to catalyze cutting-edge and translational research in the design, processing and integration of scalable nano-engineered devices and systems. Facility includes Imaging/Optics Suites and analytical instrumentation core facility.


Seattle , WA, USA

  • Services: Laboratory Design
  • Completed: 2017

Area Summary

  • Gross Building: 150,505
  • Net (Assignable) Building: 93,237
  • Lab and Lab Support: 49,634


  • ZGF Architects


  • Aaron Leitz Photography