Nanotechnology & Bioengineering Institute

Monterrey Institute of Technology



The MIT Nanotechnology and Bioengineering Institute (NBI) combines a number of different types of laboratory spaces with collaborative co-working spaces that will house cooperative corporate partners. The NBI requires highly specialized research space, that has been split into three focus groups: Fabrication, Characterization, and Prototyping. The research spaces include a 9,000 sf two-story semiconductor cleanroom; imaging facilities capable of imaging down to the atom level; and research laboratory space for nano-photonics, advanced materials, tissue engineering, multi-omics & microbial design, micro-robotics, and device assembly. FGP Architects’ design goal for this institute is to create a facility that supports high-end research by creating a highly-interactive experience that will allow researchers to come into contact with the building, the outdoors, and each other.  This collection of experiences will be facilitated by unique configurations on each floor - protected from the elements by a veil made of hexagonal shapes - eluding to the patterns that one finds in nanotechnology. 


Monterrey, Mexico

  • Services: Laboratory Design
  • Completed: 2020

Area Summary

  • Building GSF: 285,000

Cost Summary

  • Construction Cost: $128,000,000


  • FGP-Atelier International


  • Renderings credit: FGP-Atelier International