Stem Cell and Regenerative Laboratory

Mayo Clinic



This project entails the design and construction of a facility that is intended to accommodate the production of cellular therapies and the processing of hematopoietic progenitor cell products. This facility will support two distinct, but related, functions. Both functions are specifically related to therapies for human disease. The first function is Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell (HPC) processing. This includes work with three classes of HPCs: Class A (Peripheral Blood Cells), Class M (Bone Marrow Cells), and Class C (Umbilical Cord Blood Cells). These HPC products will be processed and modified for use in clinical applications at the Mayo Clinic and at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The second function is small-scale cellular-therapy manufacturing for use in targeted therapy. Disease targets will vary and may include cardiology, hematology, and orthopedics. Some cellular therapies may be combination products involving characteristics of both cells and devices.


Phoenix, AZ, USA

  • Services: Laboratory Design
  • Completed: 2015

Area Summary

  • Lab and Lab Support: 6,200

Cost Summary

  • Construction Cost: $4,293,839


  • The Orcutt Winslow Partnership