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"We really appreciate your hard work, thoughtfulness, patience and attention to detail! This has been a fast process and one that has led to a milestone that the College & Faculty are extremely happy to have been a part of! Great job! I would not have wanted to do this with anyone other than this RFD Team!!

Derek Labrecque, Partner
JK Architecture

"I woke up this morning thinking what an incredible job you all did yesterday on the … presentation. In less than three MONTHS(!) you brought three YEARS(!) of gobbledygook into a cohesive set of principles enabling a $210 million effort that brings Science [at Carnegie Mellon University] into a knowable future … Wow, yesterday was incredibly impressive. Thank you all, each and every one."

Ralph Horgan, Associate Vice President, Campus Design and Facility Development
Carnegie Mellon University

"These plans are beautiful. I'm incredibly excited to work in this space. Seriously, you have all done such an incredible and thorough job. I've never experienced anything like the diligence that has been involved in this project."

Shane Campbell-Staton, Assistant Professor
Princeton University

"I wanted to thank you and your team for our lovely new building. There were years of meetings, and many details were discussed, requested, demanded, and hoped for in these lab rooms. [The] "small" important functionalities that were requested in our original meeting …. are part of the little details that make our lab fully functional."

Katherine Green, Chemistry Professor
Golden West College

"Working with RFD has been a great pleasure since you always work hard at understanding the client's needs and traditions, while presenting creative solutions in an iterative process."

Stylianos P Scordilis, Director, Center for Proteomics
Smith College

“I enjoyed working with RFD on the first campus building at K-State Olathe and feel you developed what was needed as evidenced by how pleased our users are with the facilities.”

Dan Richardson, CEO
K-State Olathe Campus

“The labs are working out great. The chemistry and advanced chemistry labs continue to be one of the cool ‘go to’ spaces in the college. Everyone really enjoys just looking around. Honestly, the project is a resounding success from start to finish. It is my reference model when we talk about other renovations and how properly configuring the project team at the outset of the project leads to a successful conclusion.”

Lee Van Ginhoven, Executive Director, Facilities Management
Lake Michigan College

"I don't think there is any firm that knows Laboratories and Laboratory Research better than RFD. The labs that RFD has designed for the Center for Molecular Medicine are among the best in the world. The proof is really in the lab research ability - and that has been without comparison for our researchers."

Lyle Woodward, Director, Facilities Services
University of Nevada at Reno

"The knowledge and design experience of RFD is, in my opinion, second to none. UNMC has been very fortunate to have RFD design both the Durham Research Centers I and II. The flexibility in the laboratories and support spaces afford our investigators everything needed today and well into the future."

Michael C. Faber, Manager, Capital Projects
University of Nebraska Medical Center

"It was our great pleasure to have you and your team on our side. You and your team provided us with the knowledge base and design experience that we needed to complete this task. Your input, your energy, and your knowledge made our new space wonderful. I shudder to think what we would have gotten without your input and help. I would recommend you to anyone."

Ralph Morasch, Chemistry Department, Scientific Instructional Tech II
Pierce College

"The faculty are thrilled with the Silverman Hall lab space designed by RFD. We were a very trying client on this project. RFD responded promptly and enthusiastically to constant user driven programmatic changes throughout the design and construction process. RFD's foresight allowed us to overcome most all user generated problems. The lab's flexibility and openness has set a new standard on campus for the laboratory lifestyle at Northwestern."

Quentin Bruhn, Northwestern University Senior Project Manager
Northwestern University, Illinois

"RFD has performed spectacularly for us. They know educational pedagogy and pushed us on thinking about how we would teach in 15 years. I would not do a science project without them."

James Swartz, Ph.D., Dack Professor of Chemistry/Former VP of Academic Affairs
Grinnell College, Iowa


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