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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

About this project

The MIT.nano facility will combine the Institute’s nanotechnology, materials, and engineering systems research with the most advanced fabrication tools and materials processing capabilities. Under a single roof, MIT faculty and students will distinguish and manipulate materials at the atomic scale, create novel and innovative devices, and develop ways to implement those devices within larger systems. Located just steps from the Infinite Corridor at the heart of the MIT campus, MIT.nano will support the activities of 2,000 MIT researchers. It will streamline delicate experimentation and prototyping by bringing together complex research activities that are currently distributed around campus. It will modernize MIT’s research capacity and deepen the collaboration between disciplines, nurturing game-changing ingenuity and advancing the frontiers of innovation without boundaries, for the betterment of humankind. The building is envisioned to become an exciting new hub for MIT’s School of Engineering and includes material science, imaging, and chemistry teaching facilities.

*RFD’s scope on this project is focused on the design of the wet processing hoods within the clean room areas.

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